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Biomass Fired Boiler

Biomass Fired Boiler: Clean and Renewable Energy Source for Industries

biomass fired boiler manufacturers

Want clean and renewable energy for your industrial unit? Biomass fired boilers are the best medium which is based on biomass and bio-fuels. The companies which are concerned about environment pollution are now using biofuels to reduce the green-house effect of gases emitting from their units.

What’s biomass fired boiler?

The biomass-fired boiler produces electricity and heat by burning biomass such as wood chips, residues, cow-dung and other types, just like coal, natural gas and oil. Fuel is stored in the chamber for further transport to the boiler.

Biomass fired boiler manufacturer

As the environment concerns and energy costs are growing day by day, industrial houses are desperate to find other economical viable ways of energy solutions to stay ahead in the race. This requires implementation of profitable and sustainable energy efficient technology to have a competitive advantage.

Types of biomass

  • Wood and agricultural products
  • Solid waste
  • Landfill gas
  • Biogas
  • Alcohol fuels like Ethanol or Biodiesel

Advantages of biofuels

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Cheaper
  • Easy Sourcing
  • Reduces the need for fossil fuels

Working of biomass-fired power plant

The biomass-fired power plant produces electricity and heat by burning biomass in a boiler and the most common types are hot water boilers and steam boilers. In the boiler, water is heated to high-temperature and under pressure. Steam from the boiler rolls the turbine, connected to the generator. Steam that has passed through the turbine is distributed through the district heating network's piping.

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