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Boiler Fabrication

Highest Quality Customized Boiler Fabrication

boiler fabrication company

We are one of the premium boiler fabrication companies in Chennai and the service provided by us is of highest quality. We use the finest raw materials, most advanced equipments and latest technologies. During production, we strictly follow the set industrial norms and guidelines, ensuring quality boiler fabrication at most competitive price.

The boilers are found in variety of industries such as petrochemical, production and power generation units.


The boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated and circulated to produce hot water or steam for heating, powering or producing electricity.

The boilers, like pressure vessels are designed to work above the atmospheric pressure and are made of steel for its workability and durability. Boiler steel is known for its longevity and diversity.

Working principle of boiler

The boiler is the most crucial component of central heating system. First, the valve opens, gas goes inside the closed combustion chamber of the boiler through small jets and an electric ignition system sets them on fire.

Types of boiler

There are two major types of boilers-Fire Tube and Water Tube.

Classification of boilers

The boilers are classified into high or low pressure and steam boiler or hot water boiler. According to the methods of manufacturing, the boilers are classified as cast iron boilers or fabrication or steel boilers.

The metals used in cast iron boilers are use iron, bronze, or brass. The boilers that are fabricated use mostly steel but copper or brass are also used.

We have a bunch of highly-trained and talented professionals engaged in our company who offer comprehensive integrated fabrication services such as Piping & Vessel and Heavy Structural and Plate Fabrication, produced in our customized fabrication facility. The major fabrication services include:

  • Boiler Fabrication
  • Piping & Vessel Fabrication
  • Heavy Structural and Plate Fabrication
  • Boiler Component Fabrication
  • Boiler Structure Fabrication

We provide quality boiler fabrication by using high grade raw materials like stainless steel and aluminum. Taking factors such as corrosion and high temperature resistance, finishing, they’re properly galvanized. Our technicians have customized these fabrications according to the exact needs of the clients.