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Boiler Rental

Rental Boilers with Added Capacity

boiler rental chennai

Do you need boiler rental or temporary boiler rental of added capacity? We supply boiler rental in Chennai of high-quality and reliable rental boiler system. Customers rely on us because of our ability to deliver the service in a prompt and professional manner. Whether you need boiler rentals for few days, months or more, we’re ready to provide you the boiler rental system with on-time delivery, hook-up and operation to address your specific needs.

We have wide range of commercial hot water or steam boiler rentals easy installation when you need them the most, regardless of the building size or needed pressure, your requirements can be addressed. Our Boiler rentals are meticulously maintained and taken care of.

Why do we need boilers in rental?

  1. Emergencies: There are situations where your boiler malfunctions. At that situation, you need immediate assistance to keep your unit running.
  2. Excess Temporary Workloads: At times, workloads are high and there’s no need for to purchase additional boiler units, that’s where can have rental unit.
  3. Boiler System Repairs or Maintenance: Properly serviced and maintained boilers are safe to use and key to efficient operation. Once you have the rental boiler, you’ll get the ample time for maintenance of your regular boiler.
  4. Economic: Sometimes, units don’t able to take the burden of purchasing new boiler equipment. Taking boilers on rent will give greater flexibility.

Different types of boiler on rental

  • High-pressure steam boilers
  • Low-pressure steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Domestic water-heating boilers

These temporary rental boilers are used to fulfill additional steam requirement when a facility demand exceeds their steam production capability. In an emergency shutdown, a mobile boiler can able to provide the facility the full steam capacity until the damaged boiler is brought to the order.

Four types of rental boilers:

  • Mobile Boiler
  • Trailer Mounted Boilers
  • Electric Rental Boilers
  • Portable Thermal Fluid Heaters