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Gas Fired Boilers

Highly Efficient and Durable Gas-Fired Boilers of MaxTherm

gas fired boilers chennai

We’re a premium quality manufacturer and supplier of gas fired boilers in Chennai, providing highly efficient gas-fired boilers. Our products are equipped with latest technologies and are made from certified raw materials, having superior quality, durability and low cost maintenance. Our products are highly appreciated for easy installation and compatibility with all types of burners.

The gas-fired boiler is one of the most cost-effective and clean ways to generate heat and can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills. It is also eco-friendly. These products are commonly used in industrials units and processes where constant supply of steam is required.

What is Gas-fired Boilers?

Gas-fired boilers are fueled by natural gas or propane with simple modifications. Though propane is expensive but it’s readily available.

Working of Gas-fired Boilers

When it gets a call for heat from your thermostat, the gas boiler activates an electric start to ignite gas and oxygen inside a combustion chamber. This burning gas heats up the heat exchanger which is a web of copper piping that transfers its heat to water.

The combustion of gas in a boiler requires atomization of the fuel. The fuel entering into the burner in gas form needs to be fragmented in fine droplets so that every last particle of the fuel burnt. This fragmentation of fuel particles is called atomization. This atomization is done with the help of high-pressure fan along with providing air for the combustion of fuel.

Gas Fired Boilers Vs Oil Fired Boiler

Highly efficient gas-fired boilers are more or less similar to the oil fired boilers in construction, but the difference lies in the transportation of gas to burner through a gas train, comprising of gas regulator that regulates pressure and the gas strainer that removes dirt from gas. In case of oil-fired boilers, the oil is transported to the burner through oil piping and oil pump.

Our products are manufactured with the latest advanced technologies and high quality raw materials sourced from the trusted vendors. Our high-quality gas-fired boilers have following features:

  • Automatic
  • High Efficiency
  • High Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Combustion Cutout