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Oil Fired Boiler

Working, Use, Efficiency and Maintenance of Oil Fired Boilers

oil fired boiler chennai

Oil fired boilers use renewable fuels to heat your home. It’s very useful in countries where the availability of natural gas is scarce. Today, a number of companies are offering boilers which heat oil mixed with biodiesel which allow the customers to reduce the dependence on foreign oil. Then, biodiesel is also eco-friendly.

General Working Condition of Oil Fired Boiler

Oil fired boilers or these heating systems are found mostly in our homes and businesses. Let us consider a situation where residents of a building set the thermostat to a particular temperature at their convenience. If the room temperature falls below the set temperature, the thermostat immediately sends an electrical signal, which opens up the valve and releases hot water from the boiler. This hot water goes through the piping and enters the heating baseboards or radiators warming the air by both radiation and air convection.

What is Oil Fired Boiler?

The working of oil fired boiler is more or less similar to the gas-powered system, bringing the central heating through radiators and hot water in the taps to your homes. Most of the oil fired boilers have an internal storage to supply hot water. The temperature sensor is connected to the main control of the boiler. If the temperature of the water drops below the set temperature, an electrical current is sent to the oil burner and switches it on.

Combustion: The oil burner rushes oil at high pressure from a holding tank through a fuel line to a burner nozzle. Then the oil is spread into the fire chamber by the nozzle in the form of droplets that will vaporize quickly and thus be susceptible to combustion.

Efficiency & Maintenance

Now days, oil is found to be more cost-effective than gas and you will get a good return on every unit of energy. According building regulations, a oil fired boiler should have efficiency of 86%. A newly purchased boiler can provide efficiency up to 93%, compared to 60-70% for an older system.

MaxThermboilers Oil Fired Boilers

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